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figuring out who should buy your business


10 questions most owners ask us when thinking about selling their businesses:

Q: Why should I pick you to help value and/or sell my business?

A: Don’t know yet. Maybe you shouldn’t! Let’s chat about it.

Q: Does it cost anything to get a calculation of value from you?

A: Yes, $2,500.

Q: Can’t I get something similar for free elsewhere?

A: You can. We take the assignment very seriously and believe it takes time – and more than can be written on the back of an envelope – to properly complete the work.

Q: Is there a fee to engage if we agree you’ll help sell my business?

A: Yes, $2,000 per month and you can cancel anytime. This fee helps us cover costs, prepare all materials, strategies, etc. and when a sale occurs is fully credited at closing.

Q: Can’t I find a business broker who won’t charge me up-front fees?

A: Yup!

Q: So what gives?

A: We only take on a certain amount and type of engagements, so we have to cover costs as we take an aggressive marketing approach with each one.

Q: What is the typical “success fee” once the business is sold?

A: 10%, although less for deals valued over $1M+.

Q: Do you help with the sale of real estate?

A: Yes, my MA real estate salesperson license, held since 2010, is #9515339.

Q: What does “a tireless approach to making connections every day” mean?

A: It is the thousands of connections that we’ve built over the years that provide the invaluable resources needed in this office to get deals done. We add to that network every day. It works.

Q: Will my business be sold?

A: The challenge is we never know until we try. But we only take on engagements we believe will sell in six months or less. That is the goal. While we don’t always succeed, it’s never due to lack of effort.

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