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Some questions folks like you may ask:

Q: What’s a business writer?

A: At the risk of sounding pompous, I write about issues that concern business owners and other professionals.

Q: Why do you review business books?

A: Odd as it may seem, it’s fun! It keeps me on top of relevant business issues and forces me to study them and make recommendations.

Q: How often to you review books?

A: Once a month. I’m proud to say that I’ve released a new review for 100+ straight first Tuesdays of the month, dating back to 2011.

Q: Do you review anything else?

A: Yes, every July I publish blurb reviews of “beach reads.” We all have to relax at some point!

Q: Are you paid to review books and do you charge for subscriptions to your blogs?

A: Nope. And nope!

Q: What does “a tireless approach to making connections every day” mean?

A: It is the thousands of connections that we’ve built over the years that provide the invaluable resources needed in this office to assist fellow business people. We add to that network every day. It works.


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