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Book Report – Lab Rats by Dan Lyons

“Our brains are wired to deal with stress that is intense but brief,” writes Dan Lyons in his latest book, Lab Rats, “like escaping from a predator or fleeing from a burning building.” When the predator is your boss who’s prone to a daily torching of the office cube farm, your brain has serious issues. Following up the side-splitting Disrupted…

Book Report – Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

If you’ve watched even a smidgen of TV lately, whether via dinosaur broadcast or what kids today call streaming, you’ve likely seen the face of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes plastered on the screen. ABC’s 20/20 did a two-hour expose called The Dropout, HBO released the remarkable documentary┬áThe Inventor, and YouTube brims daily with news on the infamous entrepreneur, yet for…

Book Report – The Misfit Economy by Alexa Clay & Kyra Maya Phillips

Pop quiz, hot shot: What do pirates and gangsters have in common with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs? The short answer is innovation. According to Alexa Clay and Kyra Maya Phillips in their 2015 book The Misfit Economy, other than the latter making better decisions as young kids, there’s hardly a difference at all. Furthermore, the authors cite research concluding that successful…

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