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Book Report – The One Thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan

Gary Keller would’ve been horrified if he witnessed me prepare this review. You see, his bestseller The One Thing admonishes we hyper-focus by eliminating distractions and zeroing in on our most crucial activity (singular), but during several attempts to pick and choose from some 20 sections I’d flagged, there were texts pinging, phones ringing, stock tickers dinging, and Verizon sales reps…

So I Found a Guy Passed Out in My Car

Fresh from the shower with an armful of stuff – clothing for the dry cleaner and a trusty brown bag lunch – I made my way from the back door to my car early the other morning. Curious, noted I that the windows were sweating worse than my onetime boss, Lakeface Shapiro. As in dripping profusely, from the inside. How…

Book Report – Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Of all the indelible memories from my nine years of Catholic elementary school – including being spittled upon, brow beaten, and thrown down flights of stairs by various demonic nuns – few stand out as much as the morning Richie walked in wearing a gleaming pair of Nike Cortez. Already the owner of the cool straight-leg Levi’s with the orange…

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