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Author: Chris Bond

Book Report – Pharma by Gerald Posner

On the same day I prepared to review Pharma by Gerald Posner, I tested positive for COVID-19 (or what the wittiest among us call Corona). Figure I had it coming for one of three reasons: too few “Hope you’re staying well during these unprecedented times!” messages in the inbox to ward it off; too much belief that plagues miraculously disappear…

Book Report – Beach Reads

The last thing anyone wants to hear about in July is a business book, right? To wit, below are a handful of books for pleasure I’ve found to be every bit worthwhile. May you enjoy any of them during your downtime. The Dutch House by Ann Patchett – As she proved again recently with her novel Commonwealth, Patchett is a…

Book Report – Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener

The term “uncanny valley” was coined in the 1970s at the Tokyo Institute of Technology to capture the revulsion stirred in observers when robots start looking a bit too human (picture the range from cute to relatable to freakish). That Anna Wiener borrowed it to title her memoir demonstrates the intersection of intelligence and wit found across its 275 pages.…

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