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Author: Chris Bond

Systems vs. People: What’s Your Priority?

“The goal is to get your business to a point where there is no single-person dependency and you’re well-positioned to leverage every opportunity that comes your way.” One may say that’s easier said than done and author David Jenyns would agree. But wait, there’s more: he lays out a methodical, point-by-point reorientation plan in SYSTEMology, just out in paperback and…

Hands Off: Why We Should Stop Shaking Already

Nicholas A. Christakis sends a clear message in his important new book Apollo’s Arrow: human behavior must continuously evolve, lest we fall prey to calamities like disease. At the risk of oversimplifying a brilliant man’s work, in summary we ought to leverage cumulative culture (“the accumulated wealth of knowledge that belongs to humanity”) and enact new ways to outwit coronaviruses…

Book Report – How I Built This by Guy Raz

Herein a single nugget from each chapter in Guy Raz’s How I Built This: Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price reluctantly launched the beauty products company at a church flea market at her mother’s behest. Making lotions and creams was so personal to her that she never thought anyone else would care. Jim Koch’s father – a brewer himself – tried…

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